‘Bad, bad choice Sky’: Netizens troll new political podcast featuring Ruth Davidson


Ruth Davidson, former leader of the Scottish Conservatives, has revealed she will be hosting a new podcast called “Electoral Dysfunction,” with the political editor of SKY News, Beth Rigby, and Labour MP, Jess Phillips. Davidson is also a member of the House of Lords.

Davidson served as the Scottish Conservatives’ leader from November 2011 to August 2019 and was succeeded by Douglas Ross. In an X post on February 7, Davidson mentioned she was “ridiculously excited” to join the new podcast.

Ruth Davidson's Announcement (Image via X/RuthDavidsonPC)
Ruth Davidson’s Announcement (Image via X/RuthDavidsonPC)

Electoral Dysfunction will be available on all audio platforms, starting March 1, and the trio will examine political leaders and their policies on the podcast. It is releasing on an important election year, so the three hosts are expected to analyze which politicians will come out on top, and which ones will suffer from “electoral dysfunction.”

Ever since the news broke online, people on social media have been expressing their views about Ruth Davidson’s new podcast. However, most have not reacted favorably to it. Some pointed out that “very few rate her” and it was a “bad choice” by SKY News to bring her on board.

Ruth Davidson trolled by netizens over her new podcast, Electoral Dysfunction

Talking about the new podcast, Beth Rigby, Davidson’s co-host, said they’ll be looking for “solutions” through “frank conversations.”

“Each week, across different issues, I’ll be asking why – and looking for solutions through frank conversations with two of the most compelling, engaging and honest women who have worked in politics.”

Speaking about her new podcast, Ruth Davidson explained that the podcast is about showing “what goes on behind the scenes.”

“People hate it when politicians treat them like idiots – parroting a party line that nobody really believes. This whole podcast is about showing what goes on behind the scenes, explaining how decisions get made and – hopefully – discussing how to make our politics better. It’s a three-woman campaign for less BS in SW1.”

In light of her statement, several users on X pointed out that she “ran away from any hard questioning” by journalists while serving as Scottish Conservatives leader. They also criticized her for not taking “accountability.”

Netizens trolled Davidson for her defence of the rape clause and hiding from media scrutiny as well. A user also pointed out that she is no longer “in” British politics, as she ran away from taking accountability. Users are not happy with Davidson being included in a podcast discussing political policies.

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