Felix from Stray Kids is the fastest 4th gen idol to reach 12M Instagram followers, much to the delight of fans.


On February 10, 2024, fans applauded the rapper-singer Felix of Stray Kids for his accomplishment as he became the fastest 4th-gen K-pop idol and JYP (his record label) artist to hit 12 million Instagram followers.

A fan on X, @BbokRisma, stated that it took him 6 months, 8 days, and 13 hours to achieve this milestone.

The Deep End singer made his Instagram debut on August 2, 2023, and in less than six months, he amassed over 12 million followers, demonstrating his major popularity and influence.

Fans cheered his most recent accomplishment on social media as soon as they heard about it. Despite not being a native of South Korea, he established himself in the industry and people who support him think he is deserving of the attention he has been receiving. One fan hailed him as “Our social media king”.

Stray Kids or SKZ is a South Korean boy band signed to JYP Entertainment. It was formed through a 2017 reality show, and it was with this group that Felix, also known as Yongbok Lee, made his debut in the K-pop industry. With the release of their first mini album, I am NOT, on March 26, the group made their official debut on March 25, 2018, with their first showcase.

With the SKZ member reaching 12 million followers on Instagram recently, fans were quick to congratulate their favorite as they took to X (previously known as Twitter):

The idol was recently spotted in Laos on February 7, 2024, according to a report by the South Korean media outlet Newsen. Felix was wearing a blue badge and a UNICEF T-shirt. According to the publication, the K-pop singer is discreetly giving his time to a worthy cause and starting volunteer work with UNICEF while on holiday in Laos for the Lunar New Year. Fans were moved by the rapper-singer’s generosity.

The announcement that the idol will represent the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton globally as their global brand ambassador was first made public in August 2023. Since then, the K-pop idol has had a significant influence on the expansion and enhancement of the brand.

Regarding the groups’ work, on July 14, Stray Kids will be performing as the headline act for the first time in the BST Hyde Park concert series. Additionally, on July 12, the group is set to perform at I-DAYS Milano 2024.

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