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Informa Markets Fashion has unveiled its brand transition to MMGNET Group, along with the introduction of MMGNET, the new parent brand fueled by insights and resources. This move is designed to expand support for the broader fashion industry and facilitate connections among the group’s array of brands, communities, products, services, and resources in more ways than before.

Kelly Helfman, President of MMGNET Group, emphasised that the group aims to become the premier partner for live discovery and commerce in the fashion industry. With MMGNET, they aspire to evolve into a resource for industry networking, insights, business tools, and creative inspiration. This strategic shift goes beyond mere rebranding; it signifies a commitment to enhancing how they engage with their audience and serve the industry in the future.

The new parent brand, MMGNET, will bring together diverse communities through exclusive content programs. It will offer research-based market insights, trend forecasting, meticulous curation, and specialised business resources to catalyze tangible outcomes. MMGNET will introduce more live interaction opportunities throughout the fashion calendar, digital marketing avenues to broaden reach, and a platform for experimenting with formats and products to meet current and future industry demands.

Grounded in extensive market research and customer input gathered over the past two years, MMGNET addresses emerging needs stemming from market shifts, supply chain disruptions, evolving consumer preferences, and the rise of direct-to-consumer channels. The brand will serve as a resource for the fashion industry, providing continuous market insights, curated content, commerce avenues, and community-building initiatives year-round. One can expect additional announcements about MMGNET’s upcoming live events, trend insights, and socially responsible projects in the near future.

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