LSU Fashion Magazine’s student thrift shop


LSU fashion magazine organization hosts a two-day outdoor thrift shop at LSU’s Student Union. A great way for students with different fashion styles to shop for up-cycled clothes while being a college student on a budget

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LSU’s Fashion Magazine Organization hosted a two-day outdoor thrift shop in LSU’s Free Speech Alley, providing a great opportunity for students with different fashion styles to shop for up-cycled clothes at affordable prices.

The Fashion Magazine showcases diverse styles through creative photoshoots, offering an inclusive platform for LSU students to express their fashion.

The organization typically hosts student-community-based events on campus. Recently, they organized a fashion thrift shop, up-cycling non-designer brands and providing a safe and affordable space for LSU students to shop.

Not only do they feature diverse styles in their creative photoshoots, but they also offer a unique shopping experience. Shoppers can explore a selection of thrifted items, including rings, hats, hoodies, shirts and jeans handpicked by the magazine’s members.

“There’s not a lot of opportunities to get clothes around here, not a lot of boutiques or clothing stores near campus so it’s an amazing idea, especially because the clothes are relatively cheap,” LSU student Jayda Morris said.

Being part of this organization allows students not only to showcase their fashion sense, but also to build their portfolios in creative direction, marketing, graphic design and creative visuals.

The Fashion Magazine is holding another thrift shop in Free Speech Alley on Wednesday, Feb. 21. Stay in the loop on all club events by checking out their Instagram @LSUFashionmagazine.


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