Michael Apologizes to Sonny — and Nina Vows to Take Down Crimson


Michael visits Sonny at his restaurant office. Sonny asks what he’s doing here. Michael knows they haven’t spoken since New Year’s, so the longer they wait the harder this will be. He tells his dad he came to apologize to him. Sonny notes he claims he kept the truth about Nina so as not to hurt him, but he doesn’t think it’s the only reason. Michael says it would have impacted so many people, and he didn’t even know if his dad would believe him given his history with Nina. He admits he used the truth of what Nina did to keep her away from his family. He also says when Ned remembered, he struck a deal with him to keep the peace. Sonny doesn’t know why Nina didn’t come to him. Michael explains Nina didn’t think he or Willow would forgive her. Sonny asks if he does forgive Nina, where would they stand. Michael says he has no say in what he does, and if Willow also wants to let Nina back in then he’ll deal with it. He also assures his dad he’ll always have a place in Willey and Amelia’s life, as well as his. He won’t promise to like or trust Nina, but he won’t let her cost him his wife or father.

Sonny admits he sometimes sees Nina as the woman he married, but then he knows Donna could have lost her mother and Drew almost died. Michael says he has realized it’s not his place to make decisions for those he loves, and if he forgives Nina it won’t affect their relationship if they still have one.

Michael and Sonny's relationship ABC GH

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Carly shows up at the Metro Court and Trish shows her to a table where a man named Bryson Nelson, an ad rep for Windsor and Golden, is waiting to meet her. Nina watches and wonders what Carly is up to. Carly thanks Bryson for taking this meeting, as his firm has been running ads in Crimson for years and they have a good relationship. He admits they had one, but her taking over is garnering bad press.

Carly business meeting GH

Martin shows up to meet Nina, saying make this quick as he is leaving town shortly. She needs legal advice, but he didn’t know he was back in her good graces. She assures him he isn’t yet. Nina admits she’s considering starting her own magazine, and she’s warming up to Valentin’s offer of help. She wants to make sure she can use the ideas at Crimson she came up with in her own magazine.

Nina and Martin's meeting GH

Brook Lynn walks by, and Nina says hello to her. Brook Lynn says out of respect for Olivia she won’t tell her off in her restaurant. Brook Lynn walks off, and Martin asks what that was about. Nina responds in a Southern accent, “My attorney couldn’t keep his big mouth shut.” He points out that even before he opened his mouth, she had had a knack of alienating people.

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Meanwhile, Bryson says the ousting of Nina, and the article on Carly and her boyfriend has his company unsure if their priorities are in line anymore. Carly says Crimson has just changed hands, and she is going to maintain the quality of the magazine. She says they plan to take what is working with Crimson and elevate the rest. Bryson asks how she’ll do that when the photographers and designers are booking other gigs instead of staying loyal to her. He admits his company has doubts about her, and has to excuse himself to take a call.

Bryson ad rep GH

Brook Lynn approaches Carly and learns she’s about to lose a 2.1 million dollar annual account for Crimson. Meanwhile, they see Bryson approach Nina and he tells her how glad he is to see her, and Crimson without her is unthinkable. Carly mutters, “That explains it.” Brook Lynn thinks Carly will make her mark given time, but Carly notes advertisers and photographers are jumping ship. Brook Lynn wants to help, as Nina is the same woman who let her dad take the rap for what she did. She thinks they can get the advertisers back if they work together.

Brook Lynn and Carly GH

Back to Martin and Nina, after Bryson walks off, Marin sees she still holds a lot of sway. Nina needs to sign Windsor and Golden and get her staff’s non-compete clauses waived. She asks if he can do that. He says that would take a magician, but it’s her money to waste. She says he’ll do this pro bono as she could have had him disbarred but didn’t. He agrees to do it because he owns his part in what happened but advises her that starting conversations off hostile with him is not the way to go in the future. Nina tells him, “I want my staff back, and I want Crimson to eat my dust.”

Martin meets with Nina GH

Brook Lynn tells Carly about the photographer Salvatore, who would be happy to work with her. Bryson approaches, overhears them, and realizes Brook Lynn is with Deception, and they are working with Salvatore on a photo shoot involving Sasha for Crimson. Bryson tried to make a deal with Lucy but it went nowhere. Brook Lynn says Deception is under new management, just like Crimson. He joins them to talk business.

Brook Lynn makes a pitch GH

Bryson makes a deal with Brook Lynn and says he’s looking forward to working with them. He and Brook Lynn head to the elevator. Carly follows, but stops at Nina and gloats, “You were right Nina, the magazine business is tough, good thing I’m tougher.” She boards the elevator and smirks at Nina as the doors close. Martin approaches Nina and says if she needs help while he’s gone, rub her genie lamp and he’ll answer. She tells Martin she knows exactly what she needs him to do.

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Drew drops off paperwork for Michael at the gatehouse. Willow says she’ll give it to him, and she is glad he and Michael are on better terms. Drew hopes she and Michael are doing better, and she says they are working on it. However, she hears he hasn’t been able to leave Nina in the past. She thinks taking Crimson away is enough punishment, and Drew is aghast that she is feeling sorry for Nina. Willow feels bad because her keeping her diagnosis a secret is in part what set a lot of this in motion, and Nina did what she did because of Carly keeping her own secret. Just when they were all getting along, the family has fallen apart. She’s worried for him as this vengeful Drew isn’t the man she knows, the Drew she knows is kind and forgiving.

Willow worries about Drew GH

Drew states people change, and maybe the old him died in Pentonville. Willow hates what happened to him, and that Nina did this to him. She begs him not to let Pentonville change him. Drew admits maybe everything is just catching up to him, and he never really faced what Victor did to him, and he went from one hell hole to another. He should have seen the signs of the attack in Pentonville, and didn’t because he let his guard down and that won’t happen again. Willow knows he’s been through a lot, she has too, but she still believes in forgiveness. Drew admits he’s not there yet.

Drew is still angry GH

Drew tells Willow that she is one of the strongest people he knows, and she says the same about him. She however doesn’t want to see him change from the man who flew across the world to save her life. Drew says there is nothing he won’t do for the people he loves, but Nina isn’t one of them. She notes Michael is more at peace now that he’s dropped his vendetta against Nina, and she wants that for him. Drew calls Michael a better man, but it won’t stop her for wishing the same for him. He heads and out Willow calls Michael, who is still in Sonny’s office. She tells him Drew dropped off paperwork for him, and he says he’ll pick it up when he stops by to tuck the kids in. She suggests he stay the night, the kids would like it and so would she.

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At Charlie’s, Chase, Gregory and Finn have drinks and dinner, and Lois asks to steal Gregory away to talk about the wedding plans. Once alone, Chase notes that Finn has been watching Dad like a hawk. Finn admits Dad may be worse off than they realized.

Gregory and song GH

Finn fills Chase in on the incident at the funeral, and he wonders if it’s time for their dad to stop living on his own. Chase feels for now Dad is coping, and they need to let him keep his independence as long as possible. He suggests they get him one of those watches that can send out an alert if he falls or needs help.

Chase and Finn discuss dad GH

Lois and Gregory talk about the rehearsal dinner and the importance of family. Gregory asks about living with her grandparents growing up, and if they felt like they were being taken care of. Lois says they didn’t, and it kept them feeling young, and they always knew someone was there to help them when needed. Lois has to go but will confer with him once she hears from the vendors.

Gregory lois chat GH

Gregory returns to his sons, and he says his talk with Lois has him thinking. He is wondering if it’s wise to live alone now, and it might make sense to be near a doctor. Finn says he is sure they can work something out and having someone keep an eye on Violet when he’s out late working would be a help. Finn states, “If that is what you’d want of course.” Gregory says he’d like that. However, he says Violet would ask questions, and they’ll have to tell her the truth. Finn says they’ll do that together.

Finn and Gregory offer GH

At the PCPD, Jordan rehires Anna as the Police Commissioner, and Anna gives a speech about protecting and serving the citizens of Port Charles. John arrives as Anna says, “Anyone who is not with us is against us.” Anna and John head into the interrogation room, while Dante wonders to Jordan if they can trust him. Jordan says Anna does.

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Anna lets John know they are investigating the stolen cache of guns, as the crimes have happened in her jurisdiction. She tells John the FBI can work with them, or get the hell out of her way. Dante and Jordan enter, and John agrees to work with Anna and her team, but this stays between them. However, he first wants to know what information she went to jail to hide from him.

Anna yells at Cates GH

Anna reveals the dealer O’Neil sold multiple weapons from the stash to the same client who is here in Port Charles. Anna says it’s his turn to share information. John says four individuals have been targeted for assassination and all are high up in organized crime. Anna asks if this is mafia power grabs, but John says nobody has taken credit and there have been no turf wars. Anna notes that this is personal then. Dante asks what’s being done to protect these targets. John says they aren’t in the business of protecting criminals, which upsets Dante who realizes he is just after the shooter. John thinks Dante’s connection to Sonny could be a problem, but Anna says they all have a connection to Sonny in this room. She says their only focus should be bringing this person to justice. She asks to speak to John alone, so Dante and Jordan step out. As they do, John reminds Dante everything they talked about is classified.

Anna and Cates work together GH

Alone, Anna asks John if that was necessary, as Dante is only concerned about his father. John can’t have him warning Sonny, who could use this intel to enact vigilante justice. Anna believes Sonny should know to protect himself, and John should be the one to fill in Sonny on what’s going on. She knows there is no love loss between him and Sonny, but Sonny means the world to a lot of people and asks what he thinks Stone would want him to do.

JOhn and Anna GH

Later, Dante, Jordan and Anna discuss the issue, which is that this is information Sonny could use to save his life. Anna says she pressured Stone to do the right thing and tells Sonny because he needs to be prepared. Dante has his own info to share before Cates took off, and tells them that Sonny believes the shooter is someone known to him, so Sonny can’t be left in the dark.

Back at Sonny’s office, Sonny is alerted by Frank an FBI agent is here, so Sonny says to show him in. John walks in, and Sonny says, “Jagger Cates…” John asks if he has a minute.

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