Mischa Barton Opens Up About Complex Family Ties and Overcoming Betrayal

In a candid interview on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, actress Mischa Barton delves into the intricate dynamics of her family, shedding light on her decision to terminate her mother, Nuala Quinn-Barton, as her manager. Barton, 38, emphasizes the unhealthy nature of their relationship and discusses her journey towards prioritizing chosen family for her happiness.

The actress acknowledges the potential toxicity in familial relationships, describing them as sometimes “the most toxic” due to a sense of owed loyalty. Barton expresses her newfound independence, emphasizing the importance of surrounding herself with people who genuinely support her.

Barton’s relationship with her mother faced public scrutiny in 2015 when she sued her, alleging the withholding of earnings and exploitation of her fame. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2016, with Quinn-Barton denying the allegations.

Reflecting on betrayal within her family, Barton shares her struggles with trust after being stolen from and lied to over the years. She attributes her healing to therapy, finding her voice, and taking responsibility for her own happiness, health, and sobriety.

Despite past challenges, Barton remains resilient, having navigated through legal battles to defend her rights and freedoms. Now in her thirties, she emphasizes her strength, having surpassed earlier expectations for her life.

More than two decades after her breakthrough role in “The O.C.,” Barton continues her acting career, recently starring in the 2023 film “Invitation to a Murder” and appearing in the Australian soap opera “Neighbours.”

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