We’re Not Sure What Kendall Jenner Is Wearing…But We’re Into It


Kendall Jenner touched down in Miami to promote her tequila brand, 818, and her outfit is raising some questions over here at Vogue. 

The model wore what appears to be a navy blue boatneck tunic complete with ruching details and a peplum, over a pair of matching flared pants. But from the back, this chameleonic outfit looks like a three-piece set: a ruched miniskirt over pants, with a top tucked in. 



Was Jenner perhaps putting her own spin on a Skims-esque bodycon look? My colleague Christian Allaire voiced his confusion: “Is it a dress over pant? Is it a head-to-toe legging?” 

Lucky for us, an eagle-eyed colleague across the pond, Daniel Rodgers, identified the set as KNWLS, putting the mystery to rest and surely allowing us to sleep peacefully tonight. Jenner wore the brand’s Petrol dress (thus also settling our skirt or dress debate), which retails for $836 over their accompanying Petrol trousers (POA) and accessorized with a pair of strappy, ultra-high Manolo Blahnik heels and carried a small black purse from The Row—an all-time favorite brand of hers. 

The dress (or skirt) over pants trend has been making a stealthy return to the zeitgeist as of late, and that now one Kendall Jenner is officially on board, we’re curious to see how the controversial trend fares with some good PR on its side.


Jose Reber

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