Who are Emma Duncan and Maura Hooper? Jonathan Majors hit with fresh set of abuse allegations


Two months after Jonathan Majors was convicted of multiple charges in the domestic violence case filed by former girlfriend Grace Jabbari, the Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania star is now facing a fresh set of abuse allegations.

According to a recent report by the New York Times published on February 8, two women named Emma Duncan and Maura Hooper alleged that they dated Jonathan Majors. Several others, who have wished to remain anonymous, also claimed abuse.

Emma accused the Marvel star of both physical and mental abuse, while Maura claimed emotional abuse only. However, both claimed manipulation, controlling, and over-possessive behavior from the actor.

Majors’ lawyer Priya Chaudhry denied the physical abuse allegations and described her client’s relationship with both women as “toxic,” while admitting that he “did say hurtful things,” but that were not any form of abuse.

All you need to know about Emma Duncan and Maura Hooper’s allegations against Jonathan Majors

According to the New York Times, Jonathan Majors dated two aspiring actresses -Maura Hooper between 2013 and 2015 and Emma Duncan between 2015 and 2019. The latter claimed she was engaged to the Devotion star.

Hooper claimed that they both met as students at Yale School of Drama and although there was no physical violence involved, she alleged that Majors love-bombed her and tried to isolate her from other people. Infidelity charges have also been made.

Maura Hooper reportedly got pregnant with Jonathan Majors’ baby and he took her to a clinic to get an abortion. However, he broke his promise to escort her back home.

Similarly, Emma Duncan, who met Jonathan Majors as her acting coach at a summer stock program in 2015 in Chautauqua, New York alleged that Majors often “threatened physical violence.” She even cited three instances when the Da 5 Bloods actor reportedly threw her across a room, on the ground bruising her, and pushed her against a mailbox.

Emma also accused Majors of telling her to kill herself and threatening that he would make sure that she could never have children. An instance of choking has also been alleged alongside cheating accusations.

Priya Chaudhry defended her client saying in the case of Hooper’s pregnancy, both the accuser and Majors “mutually agreed” to abort the baby; and “that deeply sad event is still a painful memory” for him.

As for Duncan’s accusations, Chaudhry denied the assault incident and instead acknowledged how the duo shared “many serious arguments” during their time together.

Chaudhry admitted that Jonathan Majors was jealous during his relationship with Duncan and tried to harm himself. Duncan reportedly tried to save him and they both “fell into a mailbox.” However, Duncan claimed he “slammed her body” during a heated exchange.

The attorney also claimed that Majors did not wish to talk about the women’s “troubling behavior” towards him and was instead focusing on taking “responsibility for his own part” and addressing his “lifelong depression.” The 34-year-old actor’s attorney also claimed that both relationships started with “mutual intensity.”

The New York Times report claimed that while shooting for the 2020 HBO drama Lovecraft County, Jonathan Majors often attempted to allegedly intimidate “female crew members” and was “testy and prone to argument” with women, as stated by many collaborators from the show.

The New York Times article mentioned how assistant director Jessica Pollini cited an altercation incident where Jonathan Majors allegedly grabbed her into a corner and told her how she was “not welcome,” on the sets. Likewise, another veteran assistant director Lisa Zugschwerdt told the news outlet how Majors made racist remarks ahead of a s*xual harassment training on the set.

Other female crew members also alleged how they warned each other to stay away from Majors. Reportedly, HBO asked Majors to apologize back then, which he didn’t. Chaudhry denied the same and said her client had “never been told that anyone objected to his behavior.”

“Mr. Majors is a method actor, well-respected for his ability to immerse himself in character. Countless female producers, co-stars, and members on set can attest to his professionalism,” she added.

Notably, in December, Jonathan Majors was convicted of third-degree misdemeanor assault, recklessly causing physical injury, and second-degree harassment by a jury in the Grace Jabbari domestic violence case which reportedly happened in March 2023 in New York City.

He is currently awaiting a sentencing hearing scheduled for April 8. So far, he has pled not guilty but could face up to a year in prison.

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